CharliesAngels0101011AFinchCharlie’s Angels #1


Written by John Layman

Art by Joe Eisma

Colors by Celeste Woods

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The first issue of this new series takes the angels to where it all began, Los Angeles in the 1970’s. The angels are working undercover in a bar and the mission they are on has high stakes as an arms dealer is getting ready to move a shipment through the city and Charlie dispatches the angels to gather evidence to stop it. They’ve been hired by the bar’s owner to help him get from under his business partner.


It’s a pretty straightforward case and there are some fun moments of nostalgia in this issue if you’ve ever seen the original series this is based off of. Charlie remains mysterious, Bosley and Bosley and the angels are highly capable, which is evident in how they manage to conduct their mission from multiple angles. A capability that does not go unnoticed by a pair of mystery observers who have determined who the angels are and what they can do. They have a sinister plan of their own and they are going to use the bar owner and the angels themselves to get it accomplished.

This is a fun first issue that does a really good job of telling a good story at the same time it establishes some high stakes for the characters going forward without sacrificing the fun and camp of the original premise. The art is very complimentary as well and does a great job of keeping with the light spirit of the story itself. I’m interested to see how the story moves forward and hope that it keeps the tone that it’s established while moving the characters and conflicts forward in a way that doesn’t devolve into the absurd.


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