Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 7

On and On

Luke is in trouble and the trouble he finds himself in is the perfect metaphor for his journey this season. What makes the situation more poetic is who he has to go to in order to get the help that he needs.

Things get more complicated when Piranhna splits and Misty is confronted by her former captain with a proposal to bring the lawyer in to get to what he knows about Mariah and her operation.


Mariah decides to get a little more invested in the search for Piranha and she’s going to show some more grit in order to get it done. Something that is making her crew nervous. Luke has a confrontation with his father that looks like it’s about to go somewhere, but it fizzles out when both sides decide that pride is more important.


Bushmaster is consolidating his power and he has an ace in the hole that gets him closer to his revenge on Mariah. Luke and Misty decide to join forces to find Piranha and it gives Misty a chance to prove herself. Tilda confronts Mariah about the trouble she’s in and tells her mother that she can always walk away.

Marvel’s Luke Cage


The Captain decides to take a deal to Mariah and we get some personal back story from the both of them which adds a new wrinkle to everything and explains a lot about why she’s been allowed to thrive the way she has. When she decides to check on her money, things get real. Shades has to deal with some heavy stuff in this episode as well that are both personal and professional. The scene that plays out actually made me want the episode to focus more on Shades. It was that compelling a scene.

We finally get the story behind Bushmaster as well as the history of Luke and his father regarding Luke’s mother. What’s going to be interesting is how both of these men come out on the other side of these reveals and what’s going to happen when they confront each other again. An event that has a new wrinkle when Luke gets hired by someone unexpected.






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