Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 8

If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right

Circumstances are changing for everyone. Shades is dealing with his decision from last episodes and what it cost him personally. Tilda and Mariah are dealing with their own personal drama as well as how Mariah is going to deal with what Bushmaster has done to her. Alfre Woodard is on fire in this scene. She commands it with a performance that is both scary and savage. She plays it like someone trying to put back together their own mind while at the same time plotting revenge and it’s all on her face.


Luke’s actions put him at odds with Misty who thinks Mariah is responsible for the death of someone close to her and Luke is put into the position of having to protect Tilda from Bushmaster. Luke has a piece of information for Misty that changes the scope of the investigation into the murder of the Captain and leads them straight back to Mariah.

Bushmaster is losing it and when he finds out Mariah is still alive, he ups the ante on getting her and Tilda to the tune of a million dollars each. Things are about to heat up and everyone is at risk, including anyone close to Luke Cage.


Misty’s interrogation with Shades leads to some interesting information and even a moment of regret from Shades, especially after Misty lets him know something about himself he hadn’t considered. It’s a great scene that really enhances our understanding of Shades to the point of empathy. It’s a layered performance by Theo Rossi, who seems to be losing his cool.

Rossi is amazing in this episode, especially when he and Mariah reunite in the ruins of her home. I loved every second of that scene and was riveted.

The war starts to intensify as Bushmaster starts to show weakness, Stylers go after Luke’s father and an attack on Mariah forces to Luke to call in a favor. Not only is this episode continuing to tell an awesome and layered story, but it’s creating some new threads that could affect the rest of the season.




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