Marvel’s Iron Fist


Season 2 Episode 7

Morning of the Mindstorm

Danny is taken out of the equation and it is up to Misty and Colleen to find a way to stop Davos. After Mary flees, Davos is loose and has decided to expand his reach beyond killing Triad members. He decides that he is going to recruit followers and who better to recruit than the kids who have been scavenging from the wreckage of the Triad war.


Misty tries to get some help from one of her colleagues, but discovers that there isn’t a huge effort to stop the carnage since it’s isolated to Triad members. Ward decides to drown his sorrows, literally and no one can seemingly bring him back from the edge. Davos is losing it and killing more than just members of the Triad. Misty finds out more about the mystery of the Iron Fist and Joy tracks down Mary, who is doing her best to stay in one personality.


The story of Mary’s past is revealed and it is done in a way that departs from the formula of a Netflix series in a good way. Instead of devoting an entire episode to the villains journey, we get an organic addition of the pertinent information in the narrative. Care is taken to have some well done character relationship moments and the episode is better for it. I like the fact that the people at the center of this story are given the ability to grow and the dynamic between Danny and Colleen continues to be a highlight of the season.


I found myself feeling more for Ward than I usually do. There is an interesting arc to his character in this season and the revelation of what his possible future could contain makes the drama of his story that much more interesting.

Marvel's Iron Fist S02XE07




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