Castle Rock


Season 1 Episode 10


The final episode of the first season of Castle Rock answers a lot of the series’ questions and raises many more. Henry finds himself in police custody after the death of the man in the forest is linked to him. Henry’s son returns to the town because he is hearing the schism as well. The kid enlists Molly to help him return to the woods with Henry so that he can go home. Ruth continues to struggle with the death of Alan.


All of these threads are given equal time for the most part because they are all intertwined with the events happening in the town including the new warden of Shawshank confronting Molly before stepping in front of a bus. When Molly tells Henry that the kid is waiting for him, he tells the police who bring the kid in. When the two find themselves sharing a cell, Henry witnesses the kid use his powers to help them escape. Everything leads to a confrontation in the woods between the kid and Henry and a final scene that has an ominous and interesting conclusion for everyone involved.


At the end of this first season I found myself engaged with the story and really enjoying the twist at the end involving the kid and Henry. I enjoy how everything that has been building the entire season was laid bare and that there is a distinct and clear connection between the events of the finale and Warden Lacy. The writers did a really good job of tying up some things and leaving others a mystery to be explored later.


The performances were great as well with the standouts being Sissy Spacek and Bill Skarsgaard. Both of them gave so much in their performances and Skargaard was able to hold so much emotion at bay that when he does finally show some, it’s jarring to the viewer. I can’t wait to see what the next season holds.


Castle Rock S01XE10




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