Marvel Comics has some awesome new titles and stories coming to readers this October along with the continuation of Absolute Carnage.


Spinning out of the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson gets her own ongoing series starting with The Amazing Mary Jane #1. Written by Leah Williams (Age of X-Man: Extremists) with art from Carlos Gomez (Uncanny X-Men Annual), Mary Jane is returning to her love of acting in a new production. Unfortunately, MJ’s big shot will be tainted by the classic Spider-Man villain pulling the strings behind the scenes and the even scarier creature behind him.





October will see the penultimate issue of Absolute Carnage from the creative team of writer Donny Cates (Venom, Cosmic Ghost Rider) and artist Ryan Stegman (Superior Spider-Man). Absolute Carnage #4 will find a beaten and broken Eddie Brock seeing no way to beat the rampaging Cletus Kassidy. After losing allies and the shocking events of Absolute Carnage #3, Eddie will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to end Carnage, but which side of Eddie will make it out alive?




Peter Parker is hitting the road this October in an all-new adventure from writer Nick Spencer (Amazing Spider-Man) and an all-star team of Marvel writers and artists. A summons from SHIELD will send Spider-Man on a globetrotting adventure that will put the future of mankind in his hands with a mystery prisoner in a steel box moving him forward on a new quest. Spidey won’t be alone in his travels as readers can expect appearances from Nick Fury, Wolverine and Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham.




All Hell breaks loose this October when both Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch return in Beware the Ghost Rider #1 from writer Ed Brisson (Extermination) and artist Aaron Kuder (Guardians of the Galaxy. Johnny Blaze is not just the king of Hell, he is also its warden. Johnny must prevent the demonic hordes constantly trying to escape and the other lords of the underworld trying to vie for the throne. Danny Ketch takes over on Earth as the full time Spirit of Vengeance, whether he likes it or not.




One of Spider-Man’s scariest enemies returns in the one-shot Red Goblin: Red Death #1. Writers Pat Gleason, Rob Fee and Sean Ryan along with artist Pete Woods bring back the villainous Norman Osborn. When Osborn joined with the Carnage symbiote, he became the Red Goblin. The upcoming one-shot will showcase untold stories of Osborn’s rein of terror and madness.





Victor Von Doom finds himself at a crossroads in the new monthly ongoing series starting with  Doctor Doom #1. Writer Christopher Cantwell (Halt and Catch Fire) and artist Salvador Larroca (Star Wars) will find the ruler of Latveria warning the world against the global effort to create the first “artificial” black hole. When a terrorist attack kills thousands, the prime suspect is Doom. Victor will find himself on the run with no homeland, army or allies to aid him. Doom will become the most wanted man in the world.


A seemingly unstoppable force has invaded and it will take all of the heroes on the streets on New York to stop it in the first issue of the five part series Contagion from writer Ed Brisson and artists Roge Antonio, Stephen Segovia, Mack Chater, Damian Couciero and Adam Gorham. A strange substance is taking over both citizens and heroes, draining them of their life force and taking their knowledge and abilities. With both science and magic unable to stop the Contagion, will there be anyone left to stand against its spreading threat?


All of these titles and more available this October at both your local comic book shop or digitally.

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