Fantasy Strike

Sirlin Games

Nintendo Switch

Fantasy Strike is a fighting game where the player chooses from a roster of different characters. Players then engage in combat in both single player and online matches where mastery of the combat styles and special moves of each character will help win the day. The game is designed for both beginners and pros in mind as the controls and gameplay favor both kind of player.



Both the character designs and backgrounds are reminiscent of other games in this genre. This actually works in Fantasy Strike’s favor as it attempts to be an alternative, more user friendly type of fighting game. The character tropes of all fighting games are there both male and female alike and they all look well rendered on the Nintendo Switch. It will be interesting to see if new characters are added to the roster that push the visual boundaries.

The animations and cutscenes are decent and not so long that they distract from the game itself.



Fantasy Strike offers a tutorial at the beginning of the game that will show the user what the controls do and how they can use special moves throughout the game. While the controls are simple to use for beginners to the genre, there is a learning curve when the player gets into actual combat with both other characters and the game’s AI. The one negative that I will give to the gameplay on the Switch is that the corresponding controls on screen and the console are confusing.



As a fan of the fighting game genre, Fantasy Strike doesn’t break new ground. What it does is create a relatively fun and easy to play introduction to the genre for those who only want to casually play with little to no stakes and for the pure fun of both the combat and the special moves. For those players, Fantasy Strike is worth playing.

Fantasy Strike




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