Maestro War & Pax #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Peter David

Art by Javier Pina and German Peralta

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: After surviving multiple attempts to stop him, Maestro faces the ultimate test in Doctor Doom.

The Maestro returns to Dystopia and finds himself standing face to face with Doom sitting on his throne. As the two confront each other, it is revealed that they have been working together. Unfortunately, two despots rarely share power and they find themselves battling on the heels of Maestro’s betrayal.

At the same time, a powerful foe with the power to challenge the power of the Maestro emerges from the rubble of the destroyed AIM facility and a battle with the Black Scythe reveals the motivations for the human movements desire to end humanity.

The Story: Peter David brings this story to an explosive conclusion with two powerhouse characters facing off. Unfortunately, the story was way too short for all the build up. Pacing wise, it felt rushed like it was trying to close out this part of the story to tease the next part and ultimately it felt unsatisfying. I expected more from a face off between Doctor Doom and the Maestro. The first part of the story was delightful, but i wasn’t able to maintain that level of charm. The other two stories felt like throwaway moments, especially the flashback of the Pantheon. It felt like a wasted opportunity.

The Art: Pina and Peralta deliver some great art throughout the issue. The Doom/Maestro (however brief) was thrilling to watch.

Maestro War & Pax #5



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