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Season 1 Episode 3


Loki finds out The Variant’s plans, but he has his own that will forever alter both their destinies.

The start of the episode picks up moments before Loki and the TVA arrive on the scene. We get to see the mean the Variant utilizes to get the information about the time keepers and it is an interesting ruse that speaks to the character. After the Variant escapes, she makes her way back to the TVA with Loki on her heels. Her mission to find the Time Keepers leads to a fight with the Minutemen that is well choreographed.

After catching up with the Variant, the two battle it out and must make a hasty retreat to an unknown world as the Minutemen get closer. Loki and the Variant find themselves on Lamentis I before it collides with a moon and the two continue their fight both with each other and for survival. This is definitely the moment where the characters learn about each other and it is handled well with the two of them sniping at each other like they can predict each other’s actions.

After finding a possible escape, the two reluctantly team up to get on a train where they spend their time learning about each other while continuing to playful snipe at each other. This is definitely character development territory where Loki and Sylvie give the audience their points of view and it is well acted by Hiddleston and Martino. They play well off each other.

When Loki and Sylvie find themselves having to walk to the only way they can get off world, Sylvie reveals something about the TVA agents that Loki didn’t know. Something that will definitely be used to his advantage later. In order to get to their destination, the pair will have to make their way to what might be their only escape. There is a lot of action and thrills in this moment and it beautifully offsets the exposition heavy elements of the plot. The special effects are cinematic level and the episode ends on an exciting cliffhanger.

The third episode of Loki spends a lot of its run on getting to know its main protagonist. There is a lot of exposition and the plot is entertaining. The pace of the episode is slower than the others and that was an issue especially during the train sequence, but the episode definitely redeemed itself at the end.

Loki S01XE03



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