Justice League Odyssey #13

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Will Conrad and Cliff Richards

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: On a research station near the destroyed Source Wall, a mystery man and his team will attempt to bring back the New Gods to defeat Darkseid.


At the Source Wall, a researcher working with one of the Red Lanterns and their mystery benefactor attempts to hone in on Omega level energy in an attempt to resurrect the New Gods. In order to defeat Darkseid and find a way into the Ghost Sector, the scientist finds the energy signatures and transports them to the station. Unfortunately, what they get are a mystery cube, an angry Blackfire and the corpse of Jessica Cruz.

As the researcher tries to determine their next move, Blackfire is defiant in her belief that she needs to return to Tamaran to defend it against Darkseid. As they argue, Jessica Cruz is resurrected, but without her ring. Things get even worse when they discover that the technology used to transport them has gotten the attention of Darkseid’s para-angels who target the space station for destruction.

The Story: Jessica Cruz’s death while standing in defiance of Darkseid was a dramatic and emotional climax in the last issue of this comic. Her resurrection in this one felt quick and anticlimactic. You don’t get a sense of the struggle of her return and she doesn’t seem to acknowledge it except in passing. Jessica is a character that has had to overcome a lot, especially her own fear. You would think her own death would engender some more thought and examination on her part. Other than that, the issue feels like filler for something more dramatic and meaningful to happen later.

The Art: Will Conrad and Cliff Richards deliver some impressive and beautiful art in this issue. They deserved a better story to tell visually.

Justice League Odyssey #13




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