Event Leviathan #4

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Alex Maleev

Letters by Josh Reed

The Rundown: The detectives debrief Superman in order to find out what he might have discovered about Leviathan and one of their own is hiding something.


Superman and the rest of the detectives have made their way to a more secure location to discuss what they have found out about their latest encounter with Leviathan. Superman is in the hot seat as he has to explain to them how he prepared for battle against Leviathan and lost Amanda Waller in the process.

As Superman recounts his story to Bruce and Lois, the rest of the detectives compare notes in another room where they try to determine why Leviathan makes offers to some like Batgirl and Green Arrow while framing others for murder like Manhunter and Steve Trevor. In the midst of the conversation, Lois manages to slip away unnoticed and goes straight to her own unknown source.

The Story: I continue to enjoy the mystery of this event. Leviathan is becoming a more interesting character with each issue and I like the fact that the mystery is taxing everyone from The Question to Batman himself. The pace of this issue felt a little slow, but that works in context of unfolding the mystery of Leviathan layer by layer. The intervention of Barbara into the story helps with that as well because it hints at the direction the next issue will take. A good issue that seems to be leading to something great next issue.

The Art: Alex Maleev’s style is a great complement to the narrative style of the story. The panels are visually engaging and the last panel reveal is perfectly executed.

Event Leviathan #4




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