Wonder Woman #78

DC Comics

Written by G. Willow Wilson

Art by Tom Derenick

Inks by Trevor Scott and Norm Rapmund

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Love is dead and everyone is feeling the effects of it. With Diana dealing with the aftermath of her fight with Cheetah, can the Amazon turn the tide towards doom before it destroys everyone around her?


Diana needs help. With the death of Aphrodite, Wonder Woman’s will to fight has been diminished giving Cheetah the perfect opportunity to not only defeat her, but to take her weapons as well. Beaten and broken, Diana reaches out to Atlantiades to locate and save her. Scared and bruised, Diana tries to determine what to do next, but neither she nor Steve can come up with an answer.

When Etta calls her in the next day, Diana is forced to confront the bigger implications of the death of love as the city is in chaos with apathy and violence breaking out everywhere. Diana will have to turn to someone she never would have expected if she is going to find a way to defeat Cheetah and stop the surge of negativity that is affecting everyone around her.

The Story: Diana dealing with defeat is an interesting premise and a topic that Wilson handles with care and reverence. It is a state the reader rarely finds Wonder Woman in and the story handles it in ways that show Diana as vulnerable without being weak. The dialogue is great and there are some amazing moments between Diana and Steve as well as Diana and Etta. Wilson gives Cheetah a sense of real menace in this issue and it showcases how formidable a foe she is.

The Art: Tom Derenick’s art is fantastic. There are some amazing visual moments and the style of the art captures the dark tone of the story.

Wonder Woman #78




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