Judge Dredd False Witness #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Brandon Easton

Art by Kei Zama

Colors by Eva De La Cruz

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: A courier with unique gifts runs afoul of Judge Dredd as nativist sentiments threaten the stability of the city.

Dredd 8

A courier takes possession of his latest package and proceeds to run right into a protest against refugees in the middle of Mega City One. When he fights his instinct to run and help defend a victim of the mob, he finds himself in the crosshairs of Judge Dredd who has been dispatched to bring order to the situation. When the courier escapes from the area, Dredd begins tracking him only to find that he’s carrying some dangerous cargo.

When the courier named Mathais arrives at the lavish home of a media personality stoking the fires of division, he will soon discover that he’s been delivering something designed to exploit the gift of people like him for dangerous purposes.

The Story: Brandon Easton offers a new and exciting story that has plot elements that mirror issues in today’s society. Dredd is brought in at the perfect point in the narrative and the dual stories of Dredd’s investigation and Mathias’ revelations are seamlessly woven together in an issue that is entertaining and engaging. From the first few pages, I knew this was a story that would have resonance and a narrative worth following.

The Art: Kei Zama delivers some beautiful art throughout this issue. The action is fantastic and I loved the way Mathias is drawn in action. The details in the panels are breathtaking and the scale of the city is amazing.

Judge Dredd False Witness #1




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