DC Fandome completed its second part this past weekend and two of the panels available discussed the expansion of the comic book universe with the return of a once-cancelled imprint and a new history of the DC Universe told from a different perspective.

There would be no DC television or DC movies without the source material found in the comics these characters originated in. So it was interesting to see how DC Comics is expanding its comic book world by going back and reviving its Milestone Comics imprint. Milestone was a first of its kind imprint that showcased creators and creators of color telling new stories that weren’t being explored.

Panelists including Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan, Milestone partner/producer Reggie Hudlin and the voice of superhero Static Shock Phil LaMarr discussed the origins and history of the imprint along with the impact and legacy of Milestone co-founder Dwayne McDuffie.

Their discussion not only confirmed the return of Milestone and its characters with the launch of a new Static Shock digital comic in February 2021. Hudlin and artist Kyle Baker are also working on a Static Shock graphic novel and Hudlin will team with Dowan to write and draw the return of Icon and Rocket. The Milestone lineup is also being set for animated features, live action movies and podcasts.

Beginning in September through February 2021, DC will digitize classic stories from the Milestone library and make them available for purchase at Comixology, Amazon Kindle, Apple and other participating digital retailers.

It was previously announced that Oscar winning writer (12 Years A Slave) John Ridley will be writing a new Batman story focusing on the family of Lucius Fox. Ridley is writing a Lucius Fox short story for the upcoming Joker Warzone. There’s no word on whether this short will serve as a jumping off point for his Batman limited series.

Ridley is also writing a new tome that will tackle the history of the DC Comics universe from the perspective of characters from marginalized groups. The Other History of the DC Universe will focus on Black, Latina, Asian and LGBTQ characters who have had impacts on the major events that have shaped the universe. Some of the characters in the series will include Black Lightning, his daughter Anissa aka Thunder, Malcolm Duncan aka Guardian, Karen Beecher aka Bumblebee, Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana and Detective Renee Montoya.

The Other History of the DC Universe will launch November 24th.

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