Jane Foster Valkyrie #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron and Al Ewing

Art by Pere Perez

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Jane Foster will lead an unusual team of heroes to save Death herself.

Both of Jane’s professions collide when a body in the morgue springs to life and implores her to heal Death. With her boss already knowing Jane is carrying some kind of secret, the last Valkyrie decides to reveal herself to him before racing off to find the one person who can help her not only find Death, but also help to possibly heal her; Doctor Strange.


Strange agrees to help, but he’s going to need more help. Help in the form of Night Nurse and some mystical recruits. When Strange opens the doorway to where Death can be found, the team is attacked by creatures trying to protect her and they will discover that something even more powerful guards the way.

The Story: Conceptually, I am really impressed with this story. Having Jane as Valkyrie tasked with trying to save Death and bringing in Strange and the others was brilliant from a plot perspective. The way the story and even the action play out like a medical drama is fun as well. The coimparison between the zombies attacking them and antibodies protecting a host was really clever. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next because Aaron and Ewing have built something engaging here with this character.

The Art: Perez offers some brilliant and detailed art in this issue. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds and action complement the story. I love the way Strange is rendered. There is a light, breezy quality to him that comes out in contrast with Jane when the two are in the same panel.


Jane Foster Valkyrie #6




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