X-Force #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Joshua Cassara

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: The assassins that hit Xavier will prompt a new paradigm for the mutant nation and a dark chapter begins for Krakoa.


Domino is rescued by Wolverine and Kid Omega after taking out the biological monsters the latest threat to mutants have unleashed. After reviving Neena and escaping the lab, the trio are confronted by an even bigger threat and Kid Omega finds himself powerless against it. It’s going to take some luck to get them out this situation.

On Krakoa and in the rest of the world, the news of Xavier’s death causes tensions to rise. Magneto will have to calm everyone down, but thanks to Hank and Jean, he won’t have to do it alone. Xavier’s return calms some but others are skeptical and when the team gathers in secret, Xavier decides that his new X-Force will have to take on some darker missions.

The Story: This is a dark, brutal story and Benjamin Percy handles it with finesse and a seriousness in tone that sets it apart from the other X-Books. From the dialogue to the plot, Percy takes these characters on a dark journey and with all of the growing threats that the X writers are throwing at the mutants, Percy has created probably one of the most sinister (no pun intended) with the formation of Xeno. Having a group living in the shadows plotting the way they do and how close they came to destroying everything heightens the drama and intensity of this book.

The Art: Joshua Cassara offers some breathtaking, brutal and detailed art in this issue. I was blown away by the first page and that intense, painful looking montage of what happened to Domino. It actually managed to elicit the kind of anger that Kid Omega was chiding Wolverine about. Absolutely beautiful visuals in this issue.

X-Force #3




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