I Hate This Place #5

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Starks

Art by Artyom Topilin

Colors by Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Gabby and Trudy make their final stand against Itchy.

After their encounter with the creature in the woods, Gabby and Trudy make their way back to the farm before the ghosts return. At the same time, Itchy emerges and has his own encounter with the creature. As Trudy deals with her self doubts and what it almost cost them, they return to the house and find it in shambles. Believing it to be the poltergeist, the pair are surprised when Itchy arrives and threatens to kill Gabby.

Thinking back on her childhood, Trudy musters the courage to take on Itchy with a little unexpected help. Unfortunately, the events at the farm start to garner attention from people outside of the area. People who are taking an interest in the house and what secrets it holds as well as some dangerous people looking for Trudy. 

The Story: Starks brings this part of the story to a brilliant, tension-filled conclusion with great action and some awesome reveals that make me excited to see what comes next. I love the development of Trudy in this issue and both the hint at her past and the cliffhanger moment where her past is stalking her. The resolution of this issue makes me want more of this story as soon as possible. 

The Art: Topilin delivers some beautifully detailed art that perfectly captures the tone, mood and tension of the story. 

I Hate This Place #5



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