Flawed #1

Image Comics

Written by Chuck Brown

Art by Prenzy

Colors by Prenzy

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: A therapist by day dispenses justice at night and finds her latest target to be more dangerous than she knows. 

Gem is a therapist and her latest client is grieving the loss of her daughter at the hands of a serial killer known as the Skinwalker. Unfortunately, the media and the police seem to be nowhere in finding who the killer is, but Gem decides that she is going to investigate with the help of her assistant. After discovering who the killer is, Gem goes on the hunt.

After discovering that the killer is protected by powerful men, Gem discovers something even more disturbing. The man is almost impossible to kill. A fact that will lead her on a dangerous path with powerful men who want to know who came after the killer and a detective who discovers just how hard to kill this killer really is. 

The Story: Chuck Brown crafts an extremely interesting and engaging story in this first issue. The premise is filled with great characters and action. The mystery at the heart of the first issue immediately caught my attention and makes me excited to see what happens with the characters and the world Brown is creating. 

The Art: Prenzy delivers some beautifully detailed and visually engaging art. The visuals are immersive and transport the reader into a new and unique world. 

Flawed #1



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