I Hate This Place #2

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Starks

Art by Artyom Topilin

Colors by Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Gabby and Trudy go looking for help while one of their new farmhands goes looking for trouble.

In the aftermath of their discovery, Gabby and Trudy go looking for help from a local psychic. Unfortunately, their reading reveals some interesting truths as well as something dangerous that will not just let them leave.

At the same time, their new farmhands are working on the property when one of them decides to break away to go looking for the loot his former partners hid in the woods. After revealing how he came to the farm in the first place, Gabby and Trudy return just in time to find themselves running from the returning ghosts back to the farm while another hand is not lucky enough to escape.

The Story: Starks ramps up the tension and the mystery throughout this issue. The story is engaging and entertaining throughout and I loved seeing the backstory of one of the killers as his presence in the story becomes just as dangerous as the ghosts haunting the ranch. I love the dynamic between Gabby and Trudy as well and am invested in their story as well as the circumstances around them.

The Art: Topilin delivers some fantastic art. I love the unique style of the visuals and how intense and visceral some of the moments become.

I Hate This Place #2



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