Samurai Sonja #1

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Jordan Clark

Art by Pasquale Qualano and Miriana Puglia

Colors by Kike J. Diaz

Letters by Jeff Eckleberry

The Rundown: After a shipwreck during the Sengoku period of Japan, Sonja becomes the new champion of a sea-goddess.

The story begins with Sonja discussing the future with her uncle in the aftermath of her father’s death. As they travel by ship to confront an enemy, they fall victim to an attack. When Sonja finds herself in grave peril, she is met by a goddess and agrees to a life changing bargain. Later, Sonja fights an otherworldly enemy and gains the attention of something powerful.

The Story: Clark crafts a riveting origin story for the newest iteration of Sonja in this series opener. I hope the overall narrative leans into her past and the obstacles faced by her family as her conversation with the goddess alludes to a strong connection there. I was also pleasantly surprised at the fast pace given to the plot development. I felt it was handled in a graceful and manner. I am all in on this tale and I look forward to finding out what’s next for this character.

The Art: This issue is filled with interesting and transportive action scenes. I was especially drawn to the underwater imagery. I also found the color work and design style perfectly suited to the story’s tone and emotion.

Samurai Sonja #1



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