Books of Magic #15

DC Comics

Written by Kat Howard

Art by Tom Fowler and Craig Taillefer

Colors by Jordan Boyd

Letters by Todd Klein

The Rundown: Tim has returned to school with a different attitude and a familiar face is ready to make him an interesting offer.


Tim Hunter has seemingly returned to a normal life and that includes school. Unfortunately, Ellie and others can’t forget who and what he is and especially what he’s done. Their fear of the boy wizard will isolate him more and even the advice of Rose will not be enough to keep him from testing his boundaries. Even the threat of a magical investigator dogging him will not keep him from acting like a petulant brat.

On his way home from school, Tim has a run in with his future self and the doppelganger promises to show the young man a world where the consequences of magic don’t matter. Unfortunately, the Tim has a deadly plan and will team up with the very people who want young Tim dead to make it happen.

The Story: Tim’s story gets more complicated with more people knowing about him and of him and Howard does a great job of giving the forces growing around him weight along with real stakes. What also works is the petulant attitude coming from Tim. He’s still a kid and having both his naivete and youth exploited makes for interesting storytelling. I like seeing that there are forces growing around him that could tip him in any direction and all of them seem to be pushing him in different ways.

The Art: The art continues to be fantastic. The detail in the characters is amazing and there are some great visual moments that relay the mystical world that Howard is creating with these characters.

Books of Magic #15




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