Hellblazer Rise and Fall #3

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Darick Robertson

Colors by Diego Rodriguez

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: John must face his own personal demons if he has any chance of stopping the one killing people.

Aisha comes home to find her kids have a new playmate in the form of her old friend from childhood Billy. After showing the police officer that he is willing to hurt the people she loves, he has her take him back to the police station in order to free his father from custody. Constantine is already there talking to the man who is done with the scheme and the manipulation by the demon possessing his son. Constantine knows there is only one way to end this, but it will be bloody.

After enacting a bold plan, the demon is removed from the boy’s body and set loose. It will take John and an assist from Satan himself in order to find the demon and stop him. Unfortunately, that means sending John somewhere he never wanted to see again, home to his father.

The Story: Tom Taylor brings this story to a mostly satisfactory conclusion. The characters are consistent and well done. The plot is entertaining and engaging to the reader. If there was one thing that didn’t work it was the fact that with detectives everywhere and Constantine working on the case, it took the villain monologuing to uncover everything. It felt like a waste of the characters in an otherwise well done story.

The Art: Darick Robertson does some excellent work with the visuals in this issue. The characters look great and Robertson does some awesome work making Constantine look like a haggard wreck.

Hellblazer Rise and Fall #3



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