Fear Case #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Matt Kindt

Art by Tyler Jenkins

Colors by Hilary Jenkins

The Rundown: Two Secret Service agents are on the hunt for a case that brings nothing but death and destruction in its long history.

Secret Service agents Winters and Mitchum are three weeks away from the end of their first year as partners. In that year, they’ve been on one specific case. A case that leads back to the beginning of the agency and beyond. The agents are after the Fear Case. Following clues and accounts through time, they have managed to track the Fear Case to Los Angeles and they only have a short amount of time to find it before they leave the case behind and it disappears.

As the clock continues to tick, a confidential informant puts them on the trail of the case and they find themselves as the scene of a massacre. A massacre where the perpetrator has no memory of committing, but does remember being given a mysterious case and a time limit in which to give it to someone she hates. A case that has mysteriously disappeared.

The Story: Matt Kindt delivers an effective and engaging noir-style plot in this first issue. The tone and dialogue have an interesting X-Files/True Detective quality to them and that works for the characters and the story. There are some great character moments throughout and the overall premise of the story is solid and entertaining.

The Art: Tyler Jenkins delivers some interesting visuals throughout the issue. Subjectively, the art is a match to the tone of the story. Objectively, there are some visuals moments that are confusing when trying to differentiate between characters.

Fear Case #1



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