Far Sector #10

DC Comics

Written by N.K Jemisin

Art by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Jo will put more of the pieces together, but she may be too late to save anyone including herself.

Lantern Mullein has been brought into custody of the City Enduring for attempting to shut down an illegal sweatshop trafficking in emotions. When she’s brought in she has to convince Syz that something needs to be done and done fast as the entire population prepares to vote on whether to keep the emotion exploit that has kept them at peace but cost them all emotion. In an attempt to get the information she has to someone with influence, she will appeal to Syz’s sense of justice and trust her to do the right thing.

When the member of the council Jo feels she can trust arrives, their conversation reveals the truth about who is behind everything. He reveals who is behind the murders, the trafficking in emotions, the sweatshops and even why Jo was brought to the City Enduring in the first place. Unfortunately, as the people begin to vote, the people in power decide that this is the perfect time for them to seize more of it.

The Story: Jemisin gears up the reader for an epic showdown in this issue. The story is brilliantly paced and the dialogue does a great job of focusing the story and its stakes. The mystery unfolds organically and I like that Jo is put in the position of having to force Syz to make a decision about where her loyalties truly lie. There are some great reveals in the issue and everything leads to an ending that makes me want to read on.

The Art: Campbell delivers some impressive and beautifully detailed art in this issue. There are great details with the characters and the environments and the action is engaging.

Far Sector #10



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