Harrower #3

BOOM! Studios

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Brahm Revel

Colors by Brahm Revel

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Jessa and her surviving friends fight to escape the Harrower.

Creed tries to stop the Harrower before he can kill Jessa and her friends, but there is something unnatural about the killer and his skills. Something that forces all of them inside in order to survive. Unfortunately, with the Harrower outside and the house burning with them inside, their only option is a series of tunnels Creed shows them that run throughout the town.

As the kids try to help their injured friend and survive the Harrower, Jessa learns more about the killer. When one of their group is revealed to be working with the Harrower, the group splits up and Jessa makes a disturbing discovery that will change everything.

The Story: An intense and thrilling story from Jordan filled with action, terror and suspense. The mystery in the series continues to grow and every revelation leads to more interesting storytelling. I continue to love the tone of the story and the immediacy of its action. Every moment of tension builds on itself right up to the surprising and unexpected cliffhanger ending. I will definitely be reading on to see what happens next.

The Art: Revel delivers great visuals throughout the issue. The brutality and horror of the story are brilliantly visualized and I love how the art captures and enhances the suspense of the story.

Harrower #3



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