Superman House of Brainiac Special #1

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson, Mark Russell

Art by Edwin Galmon, Steve Pugh and Fico Ossio

Colors by Jordie Bellaire and Rex Lokus

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Brainiac’s invasion of Metropolis is part of a much bigger plan.

Chapter One: Secrets of Czarnia

Brainiac is racing away from the Earth with both Superman and Lobo following. With his victims firmly in place, Brainiac contemplates the mission he is now on and how the cultures of both Metropolis and Czarnia impacted his programming. An impact that forces him to look for something more.

The story delivers some solid background into both Brainiac and his motivations. There is some interesting and engaging moments throughout the story and I really enjoyed the contrast between the cultures with an emphasis on Czarnia and its people. The art is really good and perfectly captures the story and its tone.

Chapter Two: Campaign Headquarters

In the wake of Brainiac’s invasion and escape, Perry White continues his campaign for Mayor of Metropolis. As his campaign continues to waver, he realizes that the anti-alien sentiment is being used by his opponent to stir up the hatred of the populace. An act that will force Perry to do what he does best in order to reach the people of the city.

Russell delivers a wonderful interlude that continues to expand on the world of Superman and his allies by showing a dark side of the city of tomorrow. The story has some great moments for Perry and Bibbo and I really enjoyed the art style and how it captures the lighter tone of the story.

Chapter Three: Signal

Amanda Waller is waiting for a delivery. When Peacemaker arrives with the information she needs, Waller decides to meet with the Council of Light who she has been serving since she was rescued from Earth 3. After confronting her benefactors with the truth of what she knows, the Council reveals itself and Waller finds herself working with someone she didn’t expect.

The story does a great job of setting up the next arc for these characters. Waller continues to be a menace and the art in this issue showcases that brilliantly with its use of shadows.

Superman House of Brainiac Special #1



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