Sons of Star Trek #2

IDW Publishing

Written by Morgan Hampton

Art by Angel Hernandez

Colors by Nick Filardi

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Jake, Nog and Alexander continue the twisted mission they’ve been sent on by QJ.

After another failed mission with the crew of this strange ship at war with the Breen, Jake, Nog and Alexander are confronted by QJ again who reveals that he is acting in a new capacity within the continuum. One that will bring the trio together to work through some personal issues in the midst of war.

Alexander finds himself facing the Klingon priest he murdered as a member of the Red Path and decides that saving the man’s life in this alternate universe might hold the key to freeing them from it. Unfortunately, his act of kindness unlocks another complication for the sons.

The Story: Hampton is crafting an interesting and engaging story for the characters in this story. I like that QJ is taking a different tactic with the sons than his father did with his other interactions with humans. I like that the characters continue to confront different characters from the Trek universe and how their iterations are unique and unusual.

The Art: Hernandez delivers beautifully detailed art that perfectly captures the characters as well as the rising action and suspense throughout the story.

Sons of Star Trek #2



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