Harley Quinn the Animated Series: The Eat Bang Kill Tour #2

DC Comics

Written by Tee Franklin

Art by Max Sarin and Derec Donovan

Colors by Marissa Louise

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The Rundown: Harley and Ivy continue their tour, but they need to make a pit stop at a friend’s.

Harley and Ivy continue their road trip and Harley is excited to begin their honeymoon. Ivy is still apprehensive because they are wanted by the police and Harley still has some pretty serious boundary issues. When the two return to the city, Harley tells Ivy that they are going to Catwoman’s place to drop off her hyenas. A request that gets a cold reception from Selina when Ivy discovers that Harley didn’t ask before they showed up.

At the same time, Gordon is determined to stop the couple in order to get Gotham back into the US and he is willing to use whatever means to do it. That includes killing them all. As Gordon goes on the attack, even Batman finds it difficult to stop him as the couple and Selina make a hasty retreat from Gordon’s attack on Catwoman’s home.

The Story: Franklin crafts an incredibly fun and entertaining story in this issue. The pace is brilliant and all of the humor lands. There are some great themes throughout a Ivy deals with both her feelings for Harley and her obvious personal issues. It’s interesting seeing how the characters play off each other. The action elements are fun, funny and thrilling with Gordon being hilariously self deprecating. This is a great continuation and elevation of the animated series style and humor.

The Art: Sarin and Donovan deliver some great art. The style is as fun and frenetic as the story and filled with great visual action and fun.

Harley Quinn the Animated Series: The Eat Bang Kill Tour #2



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