The Joker #8

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV and Sam Johns

Art by Guillem March and Rosi Kämpe

Colors by Arif Prianto and Marissa Louise

Letters by Tom Napolitano and Ariana Maher

The Rundown: James Gordon is abducted by Vengeance. Bluebird and Kelly face a deadly challenge.

The story opens with a violent confrontation. After which Gordon is captured and soon finds himself in a compromising situation. He is then taken by Vengeance. As they travel, Vengeance shares a compelling account of herself and her greatest desire. In the end, she gives Gordon valuable information and offers him a deal.

In the B story, Bluebird and Kelly meet up with someone interesting and the group have a discussion. Later, Bluebird and Kelly enact an escape plan. However, they are soon confronted by Punchline and her crew. Soon, they are assisted by a familiar face and must then make a hasty decision.

The Story: Tynion outdoes himself in this rich and compelling narrative. Not only does he give complexity to a new perceived villain, he forces the reader to reexamine their views on heroism. Vengeance’s motivations are both heartbreaking and relatable. And it will be interesting to see if Gordon takes her up on her offer.

This exciting episode included a surprising turn of events. Punchline is an excellent villain and I appreciate the way she always appears to be ahead of her enemies. The cliff hanger ending is intriguing, and makes me impatient for the next issue.

The Art: This visually appealing issue features artwork in two distinct styles. Both use deep, rich colors and feature an emphasis on character expression and form. However, the A story uses a modern style that leans toward the realistic. While the B story uses a more youthful style that leans closer to animation. Each episode feels true to their story in tone and manner.

The Joker #8



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