Pennyworth #3

DC Comics

Written by Scott Bryan Wilson

Art by Juan Gedeon

Colors by John Rauch

Letters by AW’s DC Hopkins

The Rundown: In the past Alfred Pennyworth and Shirley Penrose continue their investigation. In the present, Alfred faces a threat.

Years ago, Alfred reminisces on his time in boarding school. During a break Alfred investigates Penrose to Shirley’s dismay.

In the more recent future, Alfred meets up with Shirley after discovering something important. The two then race to a containment unit to uncover valuable information. However, while Alfred gathers data, something unexpected occurs. Finally, Alfred must deal with a dangerous predicament.

Meanwhile, in the present, Alfred prepares to meet his captor and soon discovers the two have history. Alfred is also made aware of McDougal’s whereabouts.

The Story: I am really intrigued by this story. Wilson does an excellent job of exploring the Alfred’s history while delivering a quality spy thriller. Alfred’s tenuous relationship with Shirley is compelling. His “buddy-cop” relationship with his lover keeps the reader on their toes. I also find it interesting that all of Alfred’s youthful studies and hobbies were a predecessor to his later career. Overall, I really enjoy this series and I am excited to find out what happens next.

The Art: This good looking issue features a traditional illustration style. The detailed drawings are highlighted by a muted color palette that heavily features a blue tone. The mood is perfectly expressed during the various timelines and provides a deep visual engagement with the story.

Pennyworth #3



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