Falcon and Winter Soldier #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Derek Landy

Art by Federico Vicentini

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Sam and Bucky take on a train full of assassins to discover an old enemy who needs their help.


After getting their collective butts handed to them by “The Natural”, a young assassin who worships the duo, Sam and Bucky have to pull themselves together in order to find the train the kid has taken his kidnapped federal agent to. After finding the train question, the former Captain Americas find themselves surrounded by the would be next generation of HYDRA recruits.

Cutting a swath of destruction from one car to the other, Bucky and Sam finally make their way to the new head of HYDRA, Baron Zemo. After finding out their old enemy is alive and relatively well, the villain explains how the three of them can work together to not only find the assassin, but also bring down the would be HYDRA Supreme trying to take Zemo’s organization out from under him.

The Story: Landy blends the right mix of action and humor into this issue. The action is great and is punctuated by great dialogue between the characters. Landy even adds in elements of conflict between the two and their philosophies, especially Bucky’s desire to end the threats against them permanently and Sam’s belief that there is another way. Zemo is well written and manipulative in all the ways that make him an enduring villain and the ending was hilarious.

The Art: Vicentini does an excellent job with the art. The train sequence was well paced and plotted artistically. Even without seeing everything that happened on each car, you could fill in the blanks with a look at the single panel for each car.

Falcon and Winter Soldier #2




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