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This September, Stephen King’s It opens in theaters. The movie centers on a group of kids who fight a supernatural creature killing the children of their town. The movie has already been completed and it’s been broken up into two parts. The first film will focus on the kids as they battle the creature the first time. The second film will center on the adults they become as they come back to the town of Derry to fulfill a promise they made as children.

I have loved this book since I was a kid and continue to read it every year (as I’ve been busy building both this site and the podcast, I have to settle for the audio version read by the amazing Steven Weber). So here is my list of who should be cast as the adult versions of the Loser’s Club.

Bill Denborough


The de facto leader of the group. The murder of his brother George by Pennywise causes the boy to seek revenge with the help of his friends to stop the monster killing kids throughout the town. Now a successful horror writer (sure are a lot of those in King’s universe), Bill is compelled to come back to his hometown to stop the threat once and for all. I think the best actor to take on the role of a brooding horror writer still living with survivor’s guilt is Patrick Wilson (Aquaman).

Stan Uris

Corey Stoll


Stan is the skeptic of the group. It isn’t that he doesn’t believe both his friends and his own eyes, but he is less afraid of the events happening around him and more offended by the attack on the natural order that he has created for himself. He is fastidious and neat and organized and the events in Derry shake his beliefs to the point where he breaks down emotionally. I think the perfect actor to portray that duality and eventual decline would be Corey Stoll (House of Cards).

Beverly Marsh



As an adult, Beverly is beautiful and vivacious and has a tough facade when in the company of everyone but her abusive husband Tom. The abuse she’s suffered at the hands of the men in her life from her father to her husband lies in stark contrast to the boys from her childhood who were caring, nurturing and supportive. It would be the easy choice to go with Jessica Chastain because both Chastain and Beverly are redheads, but Chastain has the ability to play a character that is guarded and vulnerable while being tough when it counts. Also, she and the director Andy Muschietti have history with Chastain starring in the movie Mama directed by Muschietti.

Eddie Kasbrak

Josh Radnor


As a kid, Eddie was constantly fussed over by his mom and convinced that he was sick and sickly all the time. As a man, he continues in that tradition, always keeping his inhaler on hand and the constant fear of getting sick has kept him married to a woman exactly like his smothering mother. Eddie does have a strength that no one knows and he’s the first one to run towards danger when his friends need him. I think the perfect fit for Eddie would be Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother).

Ben Hanscomb



Ben was a fat kid who was determined not to be a fat adult. When he become one and forgot about everything that happened to him as a kid in Derry, the one thing that never really left him was the memories of being the fat kid and the object of ridicule. I think an actor that could portray that angst in a realistic way would be John Krasinski (The Office).

Richie Tozier



Richie was the jokester of the group. Quick with a joke or a voice to diffuse a situation, Richie was the one who would always push the limits, often with mixed results. I think someone that could pull off the comedic side of Richie as well as tackle the drama and play it straight would be Seth MacFarlane (The Orville).

Mike Hanlon



Mike is one of the only African American people in the town of Derry. The only one of the group to stay in the town and chronicle the events that bring them all back, Mike is the local librarian and amateur detective. I think the person who could best exemplify the living history of the town of Derry would be Adrian Lester (Hustle).

So there is my list for who should be the adult incarnations of the Loser’s Club for the second part of Stephen King’s It. Let me know what you think of my choices. Let me know what choices you would have made. Let me know what you would like me to Fancast next for Fancast Friday.

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