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Telekinesis, Invisibility. Super seed. When five Londoners unlock extraordinary powers, they must stay one step ahead of the agents hunting them down.

WARNING: This series includes mature topics and situations involving violence, nudity, and psychological trauma.

Reaching #2 in Netflix US Top 10 shows, as of this review, this series is an instant sci-fi masterpiece. What’s most impressive, in my opinion, is that this is the story of a group of disparate Black Brits who must learn to navigate life as their special abilities began to manifest. It’s a familiar origin story with a fresh take. While in recent years, media involving Afro-futurism has increased, content both created and produced by diasporic Blacks has been noticeably small. This series is helmed by artist and musician Rapman, a young Black Brit famous for the popular and controversial film “Blue Story.”

In this series, he onboards popular British actors such as Tosin Cole of Doctor Who fame, and previous “Blue Story” co-star Eric Kofi-Abrefa as well as superstar Grime artist Ghetts. Although the budget for this six episode season, is only $1.8 million (US) dollars, its special effects are well done, and the cinematography is absolutely immersive. The soundtrack is a combination of Black British genres, heavily featuring grime and drill, audibly entrenching viewers in the cultural aspects of the tale.

I am particularly impressed with how realistic the characters lives are. What’s more, I feel that this show does a great job of not making a caricature out of the different types of people featured and fully represents the diversity shown in a community. It felt honest. And in those moments where the characters everyday lives were portrayed, the difference in a project not only centered around Black people, but written and created by them is the most noticeable.

As an American, it is interesting to see the Black experience through the lens of Britons. There is so much familiarity. As platforms like Netflix provide access to more diverse content, I have found the global perspective is similar in issues and circumstances throughout the colonial influenced world. I was immediately reminded of several real life instances of experimentation and gene extraction that have been done to African Americans such as Henrietta Lacks and those participants of the Tuskeege Experiments. This is content rooted firmly in Blackness, down to the issue of a major disease primarily affecting Black people.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent series in terms of sci-fi, personal relationships, and current social and political commentary.

Run Time 51min
The cold opens features a bone-chilling encounter between a mysterious woman and a group of antagonizers. Later, the life of a family oriented delivery worker is featured as his life seemingly intersects with a several unique individuals, the personal lives of which are briefly explored.

The introductory episode of this season delivers both gut wrenching emotionally charged content and interesting character development. I was impressed with how the script was able to quickly introduce five different individuals and make me know the characters and care about them. I was immediately invested and hyped up for the next installment.

Run Time 48min
A road-man’s life is at the forefront of this episode as four of the main characters deal with the aftermath of the first manifestation of their powers and Michael searches for his future companions. Digga D cameos as gang leader Chucky.

What I love about this show is its grounding in reality, I love how these characters have friends and family, and that they share their information with them regardless of how they may be just. It not only breaks away from the typical trope of keeping a massive secret to yourself. It feels honest. I also appreciate how the story unfolds in such a way to include both the lives of the main cast, and the mysterious happening surrounding South London. I can’t say enough about the quality of this script.

Run Time 51 min
A nurse must come to terms with her abilities as the lives of the six ability-laden Londoners began to intersect. Dionne’s work leads her to a surprising discovery and more information regarding the origin of the “supacell” is fleshed out.

This content heavy piece left my head spinning. There is so much happening in this episode, that it would take hours to unpack. This is the point where the series presses the gas as doesn’t let up until the finale. Again, I have nothing but praise for the creative team and their ability to tell a multi-layered, multi-character story in a clear manor is less than one hour.

Run Time 53min
An unemployed father deals with both life challenges and the manifestation of his abilities. Dionne works to uncover the truth regarding disappearing Londoners as Michael continues his mission. And a series of events leads four of the five main cast to a shared space.

This episode is all about personal interactions and character development. The complex, emotional dialogues between Black men and their shared experiences in both beautiful to watch, and heartbreaking in its various content and messages. Its necessary to see these disparate men openly discuss their feelings and sort through their issues.

RunTime 46 min
A small time drug dealer faces his past as he contends with a new danger while caring for a dear friend. Michael must deal with family matters as he struggles to bring the group together while Dionne uncovers more startling information. Elsewhere, the lives of Tazer and Sabrina intertwine.

This tension filled penultimate episode is laden with action, emotional gains, backstory, and action. My head was left spinning, especially in the final act. But I would be remiss if I did not bring up the interaction between Rodney and his mother. The nuances of a White mother with a bi-racial child went to a place it normally does not. I was impressed with the themes of love and racism. Kudos to the boldness of the writers.

Run Time 59min
The aftermath of a deadly encounter leaves four of the enhanced Londoners reeling. Dionne uses her newly gained knowledge to assist the others. Andre deals with a powerful foe, as the others face an unprecedented challenge.

The season finale of this series from cold open to final act is a whirlwind of epic battle, heavy emotions and tension. The creative team did an excellent job making this feel big budget and engaging. It wrapped up the season in a well done manner and set the stage for more to come. Although, as of yet a second season has not been announced, it would be a disservice to viewers if it is not renewed.

Supacell Season 1



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