During James Finn’s ‘Gods and Monsters’ slate announcement, he revealed that one of the next projects after the big screen return of Superman and a new series featuring the return of Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller, the studio would be bringing to HBO Max a new series featuring my favorite DC Comics character, Green Lantern.

Hal Jordan

Brash, cocky and determined, former test pilot turned intergalactic peace officer Hal Jordan could definitely be the lead of his own series and teaming him with other Lanterns will give the audience the opportunity to see him grow and evolve as a character. To put him into a gritty mystery series is a challenge, but I think Theo James could definitely pull off the role. James brought some great drama and intensity to his role in How It Ends and I really enjoyed his performances in The Time Traveler’s Wife and The White Lotus.

John Stewart

To balance the brash, cocky nature of Hal Jordan, you need a Lantern that is uncompromising, steadfast and serious. Former Marine and architect John Stewart is all of those things. Stewart is my favorite Green Lantern so casting him means a lot to me as a fan. I would love to see Trevante Rhodes take on the character. He has taken on action in The Predator as well as drama in Bird Box, The United States vs. Billy Holiday and the recent Mike mini series where he played the lead.

Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner is usually the comic relief of the Greek Lantern Corps with his bad attitude, crass personality and violent temper. Gardner is also fiercely loyal to his friends and always ready to fight for those who can’t defend themselves. While not the smartest Lantern, he definitely has the will to be one. I think Jared Keeso would be perfect for Guy Gardner. Not only is Keeso amazing on the series he created and stars in Letterkenny, but his spin off series Shoresy (which he plays the title role in) gave me the ability to see that Keeso could bring something to Gardner that is sorely needed, charm.


While there are several Guardians that could and should be shown in the new series, I think the duo of Jordan and Stewart should have one that they report to throughout the series. The one with the most experience with humans is Ganthet. With the series being a “True Detective” style mystery, the Guardian tapped to keep the Lanterns on task should be like the Captain of a police precinct. With that in mind, the character itself will most likely be CGI, but his voice should be Andre Braugher. I really don’t think I need to explain why.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about what the series will be about and who the Lanterns will face so I don’t know who will be in Lanterns. So these are my ideas about who should play these characters. What are yours? Let me know in the comments.

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