Season 1 Episode 3

The Princess of Darkness


Bean is embracing her dark side and that means stealing carriages, shoplifting and generally doing whatever Luci suggests as a means of having some fun. Elfo is, of course, along for the ride and the three of them find themselves sneaking back into the castle after another night of doing whatever. King Nog is worried about his daughter and her future. When the trio then discover the drug that the Queen is taking to cope, they decide to steal her purse and get wasted.


At the end of his rope, Nog lets Sorcerio perform an exorcism to drive the demon from her, prompting the shadowy pair who sent Luci to worry when they bring in the biggest gun in the exorcism game to separate Luci from Bean once and for all.

After a bumpy first two episodes, this one seems to have found a rhythm that works. The jokes hit and the performances by the cast, especially John DiMaggio as Nog, are great. Everyone’s timing is on point and the jokes land the way they should. Everything with the exorcist was hilarious.


Admittedly, I was worried about how this series was going to land on Netflix and the first two episodes were fun, but didn’t really pop for me as something new and interesting. This third episode kept my interest throughout and made me laugh out loud at the characters. Definitely a great start.

Disenchantment S01XE03




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