DIE #11

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: As the party continues to split and go their separate ways, Ash questions her motives and seeks the advice of an old friend.

Chuck, Matt and Angela are trying to escape from Angria, but they need gold to get across the border. After ducking the forces sent by Ash to bring them back, they know that the only way they can get what they need is by taking on the Fallen. As they prepare, Matt discovers why Chuck doesn’t want to go home and the discovery explains a lot.


At the same time, Ash wonders if she made the right decision. With control of Angria, she has the power to fix everything they’ve affected since they returned, but at what cost. In order to get some answers, she goes to her former best friend Sol and discovers that he might not be as far gone as she thought. To make matters worse, he plants an interesting thought in her head and forces her to ask herself some hard questions about her decision to stay and what she really wants.

The Story: With all the fantastical elements of the story laid out, Gillen takes the time in this issue to step back and return to the human story of these people and their relationships with each other. Not only do we understand more about Chuck, but we see that Sol isn’t the all-encompassing evil that he’s been built up to be. This story continues to be interesting both in its plot and characters and the cliffhanger at the end opens up more interesting story to come.

The Art: Stephanie Hans continues to craft some beautifully detailed panels in this issue. I continue to be in awe of some of the compositions and beauty of each panel.

DIE #11




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