Mercy #3

Image Comics

Written by Mirka Andolfo

Art by Mirka Andolfo

Letters by Fabio Amelia

The Rundown: Lady Hellaine will begin the next part of her plan and her faithful servant will run into some unexpected trouble.

A group of hunters is making their way to Woodsburgh tracking Lady Hellaine when they come upon an infected young boy digging at the site of the mine disaster. After killing the creature, they make their way to the town to confront Lady Swanson with the evidence of what they’ve found and old wounds are reopened.


At the same time, Lady Hellaine is preparing to go into the town to being the next part of her plan with the help of Goodwill. When the man leaves for a moment, Hellaine takes the time to talk to the young orphan that she’s taken in. She asks Rory what it means to be a mother and learns more about the young girl before inviting herself to dinner with the Swanson’s and discovering a strange connection she has with Jonathan.

As Lady Hellaine sits down to dinner with the family, Goodwill goes after Jonathan only to find himself at the mercy of the hunters who have set a trap for their prey.

The Story: Mirka Andolfo continues to craft a beautifully written and engaging story. The characters are complicated and multi-dimensional and the mysteries are consistently interesting. There is an interesting and layered story being told here and each issue not only holds my attention, but makes me want to know more. Mercy is brilliantly plotted and executed.

The Art: Andolfo’s art is fantastic. The horror elements are disturbingly appealing as well as the characters themselves. Each panel is filled with beautiful details and capture the eye.

Mercy #3




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