Dead Body Road: Bad Blood #1

Image Comics

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Benjamin Tiesma

Colors by Mat Lopes

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: A woman with a colorful past will find herself pulled back into a dark underworld she was trying to escape.


In a dark room, a man named Monk Sinclair is looking for information. Information about a missing man and what he stole. Information he is willing to kill for. After not getting what he wants, he calls in his associate to go after the one person who might know where the missing man might be, his sister.

Bree Hale has settled into a comfortable life running a local bar when a cop with a personal connection to her comes in looking for her brother Hunter. Genuinely not knowing where he is, she dismisses him, but he isn’t the only come that comes by the bar looking and the next person who pays her a visit will not be so polite in his questioning.

The Story: This first issue has all the marks of a brilliant action style noir story. There’s mystery, action, violence and revenge throughout the first issue and Justin Jordan does a great job of bringing those elements together into a story that is compelling and engaging. The plot unfolds well and the characters are interesting enough to want to know what their stories are and how they will collide. Bree is a great character with a past that’s teased at enough to make me want to know more.

The Art: Benjamin Tiesma’s art is awesome. The action in the conclusion of this issue is rendered beautifully and the build up in tension is conveyed brilliantly through the panels.


Dead Body Road Bad Blood #1




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