Defenders #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Javier Rodriguez

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: The Defenders find themselves facing an ancient evil steeped in raw magic.

The Defenders find themselves thrown back further in time and their trip is about to come to an abrupt end if Harpy can’t find a way to land them safely. Betty knows something is wrong with Strange, but she also admires Taaia’s sense of adventure as she works to find a safe place for them to land. At the same time, an unknown entity watches them and fixates on Betty and her power. Mor-I-Dun watches the group and punishes Zota for his failure and goes into his mind to discover who is coming after him.

After finding a place to land, Strange warns that the world they are on makes him a target for the pure magic that courses through the world and that warning is followed by an attack. An attack that allows Mor-I-Dun to make his presence known to the group. Unfortunately, he discovers something disturbing about this group of Defenders. Something Strange will use to exploit a weakness the creature designed and hopefully save their lives.

The Story: Ewing continues to take the reader on and entertaining and fascinating trip through the universe in this issue. There are so many great character moments throughout and bringing the focus of the story through Betty was a great narrative choice. The dialogue is great and I love the spirit of adventure throughout every page. Ewing brings the story to new and intriguing places and I admire every part of the journey.

The Art: Rodriguez delivers some gorgeous art throughout this issue. The style is perfect for this type of story and I was blown away by the visual charm of the story.

Defenders #3



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