Last Flight Out #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Eduardo Ferigato

Colors by Natalia Marques

Letters by Diego Sanches

The Rundown: Ben goes looking for his missing daughter in the ruins of the city and recounts his failures as a father.

Ben recounts his troubled history with his daughter including all of the times he tried to be a father and failed due to his commitment to the project. A commitment that cost him more than he realizes as his attempts to connect with her over the years continue to fail. Back in the present, he and the survivors of the crash move out and begin their search for her in the city. With the imposition of martial law, they do not run into any friendly faces on their journey and Ben will have to realize quickly that he’s going to have to get a lot tougher if he’s going to find his daughter.

When they reach Sara’s apartment they discover quickly that something is going on. After a seemingly random attack, Ben and the soldiers with him move on to another location that Sara might be. With time running out before the launch of the ship, Ben and company finally discover where Sara is and the reunion is more than tense as Sara tells them the truth about her intentions.

The Story: Guggenheim fills this story with tension from start to finish. Even in the absence of big action beats, there is a sense of danger and tension throughout the story. Add in the backstory for Ben and his relationship with Sara and you have a tense narrative filled with possibility and drama. The story is tight and entertaining from start to finish and the reveals are both compelling and interesting. I cannot wait to see how this story progresses.

The Art: Ferigato delivers some stunning art throughout the issue. The characters are the standout because of the personal nature of the story and they look fantastic.

Last Flight Out #2



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