New Mutants #22

Marvel Comics

Written by Vita Ayala

Art by Rod Reis

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: The New Mutants take on the Shadow King in a battle of ideas and ideals.

Dani finds herself in the grips of a nightmare where she and her team are overwhelmed by enemy forces as Krakoa burns. At the same time, a group of mutants decides to pay Gabby a visit to apologize for recent events and they find her willing to listen. As they tell her about why they followed the Shadow King, they get a surprising response. After confirming they’re done with the Shadow King, the kids want to know if Gabby will come with them when they tell him. She reveals that the New Mutants are already with him.

The New Mutants themselves find they have been moved from their nightmare to another setting by their host. Farouk decides talking might be another option and tells them why he has brought them to him in the first place. Their debate quickly changes when Farouk decides to show them what could happen if they continue to live in denial about the truth of humanity. A lesson that the mutant kids stumble upon too late.

The Story: Ayala tells an interesting and entertaining story in this issue. The plot takes some great twists and turns while retaining heart in the moments between Gabby and the other kids. Having so much of the story framed as a philosophical debate is intriguing and allows for the battle to be about ideas. Something that is compelling and engaging to the bigger Krakoa narrative. A really well done and engaging story.

The Art: Rod Reis delivers some fantastic art in this issue. There is a classic look and feel to the art that draws in the reader and I love the style and energy of the issue.

New Mutants #22



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