DCsCYBERNETICSUMMER_Cv1DC Cybernetic Summer #1

DC Comics

Written by Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Andrew Constant, Stephanie Phillips, Heath Corson, Joshua Williamson, Liz Erickson, Steve Orlando, Che Grayson, Max Bemis and Stuart Moore

Art by Gabriel Hardman, Nicola Scott, Leila Del Duca, Scott Koblish, David Lafuente, Nik Virella, Paul Pelletier, Marguerite Sauvage, Greg Smallwood and Cully Hamner

Colors by Mike Spicer, Romulo Fajardo Jr, Jordie Bellaire, Hi-Fi, Luis Guerrero and Adriano Lucas

Inks by Norm Rapmund

Letters by Travis Lanham, Carlos M Mangual, Troy Peteri, Steve Wands, Ferran Delgado, Rob Leigh, Christy Sawyer and Rob Steen


The Limits of Control – Batman travels alone to investigate a series of satellites that are converging on one location. When he arrives, he discovers that Brother Eye is assembling itself and must find a way to stop the rogue AI before it completes it mission to destroy all metahumans.

A great story from Beckho and Hardman that showcases how important Batman’s allies to his mission, even when they aren’t around.

Fandom – Platinum decides to go to the beach during her vacation and when the rest of the Metal Men arrive in the form of a giant monster, she must team up with Wonder Woman to take them down before they discover who is behind the attack.

The story is okay, but is doesn’t really have time to develop into anything compelling. The ending felt unresolved, but the art and tone of the story were fun.

DC_Cybernetic_Summer_1_Story4_Batman_4Summer Camp – Red Tornado is taking a vacation with his family, but the demands of the Justice League become more than his wife can bear. When their daughter disappears on a hike, Tornado discovers her in the presence of an alien creature.

A fun short story that manages to include action, story and heart in its few pages. Very enjoyable.

The Boys of Summer – Booster Gold and Blue Beetle decide to take a little vacation trip to the beach but when they find the place crowded, Booster decides to take them on a trip to the same beach a year earlier when it was empty. Unfortunately, it’s not the only time he has that same thought and a potential paradox occurs when multiple Boosters and Beetles converge on the same beach at the same time.

A fun story that speaks to the enduring legacy of these two characters and their friendship. With the book being about AI, Skeets should have had a bigger role beyond narrator.

The Speedster Games – Mercury Flash is determined to prove that he is the fastest Flash in the multiverse. He gets his chance during the Speedster Games against Barry Allen. Mercury goes all out to win, ignoring his opponent until a moment in the race reminds him of why he runs in the first place.

A good story that feels complete and very entertaining.

Summer Lovin – Superboy and the Legion are fighting an alien invasion in Smallville. When the creature disappears, Clark decides to use one of his robots to pose as him while they search for it. What none of them imagined was that the robot would fall for one of Clark’s classmates and the tragedy that would follow.

A fun story with a classic feel to it both in its plotting and dialogue. Great art throughout.

Out There – Apollo and Midnighter take a vacation, but their fun on the beach is interrupted by an attack on a prison ship holding The Brain. When the heroes encounter Mallah trying to free him, they leap into action. Both heroes discover in their fight that there is a deeper connection between the two villains than they realized.

The art was great, but the story was mediocre with dialogue that was too melodramatic.

Splish Splash Special – Harley Quinn and Sy are trying to find a way to beat the heat. With every other avenue either blocked or gross, Harley decides a trip to the local water park is just what they need. When the pair are denied access to the ride they want to get on, Harley decides that a little distraction is in order.

A good story that has some fun and funny moments and dialogue throughout. Great art as well.

Summer Bummer – Robotman is wallowing in his melancholy when his friend invites him out to spend a summer day with him and his friends. Unable to enjoy or participate in many of their human activities, an invitation from Cyborg, Red Tornado and the Metal Men offer Cliff more mechanical fun and lets his friend see how the other half live.

A great story from start to finish filled with wit, heart and fun.

Catfish Crisis – Cyborg is taking on Cyborg Superman after he threatens to kill a beach full of vacationing seniors. When Superman arrives to help, the fight is interrupted by a third party infused with the powers of all three of them. The Super Cyborg Cyborg Superman implores the three to stop fighting and another entity warns Victor of another Crisis looming.

The story was interesting at the start and had some intriguing ideas, but it completely fell apart towards the end.

DC Cybernetic Summer #1




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