Dark Spaces: The Hollywood Special #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Jeremy Lambert

Art by Claire Roe

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: A former starlet finds herself in the middle of a supernatural mystery.

Vivian Drake was a star of the silver screen and now finds herself estranged from her daughter and with money troubles as she travels across the country helping with the war effort. When she and one of her former co-stars arrive in a small mining town, they find the reception they were expecting to be noticeably absent.

When a young girl tells them that there’s been an accident at the local mine, Vivian and Lou decide to help out. When they arrive and begin to help remove the coal, Vivian sees something in the rubble. Something disturbing and dangerous.

The Story: I love the atmosphere and tone of this first issue. The story is entertaining and engaging both for its supernatural elements as well as its characters. Lambert delivers an immersive and intriguing story that has some great elements that immediately grabbed my attention.

The Art: Claire Roe delivers beautifully detailed art that perfectly captures the visual aesthetic of the time with all of its visual charm.

Dark Spaces: The Hollywood Special #1



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