Dark Blood #6

Boom! Studios

Written by Latoya Morgan

Art by Moises Hidalgo

Colors by A.H.G. and Allison Hu

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Avery tracks down the man who experimented on him, but the police are right on his heels.

Avery decides to take his prisoner on a little trip to the university to the answers he’s been searching for. Answers about what happened to him and what they want with him. He discovers that he’s been the subject of a series of experiments for years. Experiments designed to unlock hidden abilities. He also learns that using his new powers comes at a price. A price he will have to learn quickly as the campus is surrounded by police looking for him.

Avery will have to fight for his life as the scientists and the police try to stop him. A fight that will lead to a final confrontation with the man who has been hunting him across the state. In the aftermath, lives will be lost, secrets will be revealed and new hope will dawn.

The Story: Morgan brings this arc to a satisfying conclusion filled with great action, tension and heart. I love the message of this series and how the characters are so interesting and compelling. The story grabs your attention and builds up to a beautiful and hopeful conclusion that makes me hungry for more stories in this world and with these characters.

The Art: Hidalgo delivers some awesome art on every page of this issue. The story is fast paced and the art gives you that sense of tension as it moves to its conclusion.

Dark Blood #6



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