74269C5D-7364-4759-87EE-B2E1CB2D99BDDaredevil #603

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Mike Henderson

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Clayton Cowles

It’s been almost three days since Matt Murdock took over as Mayor of New York City and The Hand continues to roam the streets. With the city on virtual lock down, it’s strange for a single motorcycle to be riding across the West Side Highway and straight into the danger, but the driver of the bike is someone with a history with The Hand; Elektra.


Daredevil decides to jump into the fray as she takes on a group of Hand ninjas and they leave the fight almost as soon as they began it. Soule doesn’t miss a beat when he gets these two characters back together for a face to face. The dialogue is well done as both characters translate their history on the page to both fans and newcomers. Matt decides that he needs Elektra’s help and she is adamant about leaving the city before the Beast makes his move on the people of New York. Matt does the only thing he can do; bargain with her.

He offers her something she really wants on the condition that she help the city. In his generous spirit, Matt makes another bold move. Even though the heroes are fighting back against The Hand across the city, Matt decides that he needs to turn to some less than savory allies to keep the people of the city safe

Matt’s plan might be too little, too late as the Beast decides that the time is now for him to begin the next phase of his plan. A phase that threatens to take out all of the citizens and prompts a visit to the Mayor’s office from an unexpected person.

The dialogue and plotting in this issue is solid. It moved really well and conveyed as much as it needed to in order to move the story along and keep me interested in what happens next. All of the character moments are well done and Henderson’s art is slick and really enhances the flow of the images on the page.


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