criminal-1_cbb06eccaf (1)Criminal #1

Image Comics

Written by Ed Brubaker

Art by Sean Phillips

Colors by Jacob Phillips

Ricky Lawless needs money.

In order to get his dad Teeg out of jail, Ricky and a friend of his decide to rob an old thief of a valuable piece of jewelry. Ricky isn’t as good as his dad and he’s caught by Mack the Monster. Fortunately for the kid, Mack is suffering from dementia and believes that Ricky is one of his grandkids. After securing the jewels and fencing them for bail, Teeg finds out what Ricky did and the you know what hits the fan.


Teeg has to apologize for what his kid did and, more importantly, pay back the money with interest. It’s more than Teeg has and it’s going to force him to desperation to save his kid. When a call about the death of an old friend brings Teeg to California, he discovers that secrets have been kept from him and that his buddy was working on one more score before he died. A score that might make things right with the people back home.

Teeg Lawless is an interesting character and this first issue does a good job of establishing the characters and the central conflict. Brubaker adds some cool and intriguing layers to Teeg’s memory and I really enjoy the classic film noir tone of the story.

Sean Phillips’ art is complementary to the tone and style of this story. It has a stark, detailed style that shows the characters as rough people in a rough world. Great art throughout.

Criminal #1




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