the-freeze-2_0541a9d34eThe Freeze #2

Image Comics

Written by Dan Wickline

Art by Phillip Sevy

Letters by Troy Peteri

Building a new world has its growing pains.

After their daring chopper escape, Ray and his team find themselves running out of fuel. After being put down, they secure some medical supplies and a car that will take them the rest of the way. As they make their way through the city, the newest potential member of the community wants answers.


Ray continues his story and tells her about the first days of their fledgling community. He talks about his decision-making on who to wake up and who to leave asleep and we see that everyone is settling into their new existence in their own way. Ray and Lisa have even fallen in love. Unfortunately, their quiet moment together is interrupted by another member of the group who isn’t handling the new world well and attacks Ray as the cause.

More cracks in the community begin to show as a decision about the attackers fate leads another member to take a drastic step. When Lisa goes on a recon mission for supplies, another problem comes into focus with the discovery of a dead body in the grocery store freezer.

The mystery elements of this issue are becoming more interesting with each issue. Dan Wickline is creating something special with this world and its characters. I continue to be interested in both the continuing story and the back story being revealed by Ray. I really want to know where this story is going and Wickline is making the journey as interesting as the destination.

Phillip Sevy’s art is great as well. There is an amazing attention to detail and the panels complement the tone and pace of the story perfectly.

The Freeze #2




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