728741._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Domino #10

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by David Baldeon, Michael Shelfer, Alberto Alurquerque and Anthony Piper

Inks by Victoria Olazaba, Ed Tadeo and Michael Shelfer

Colors by Carlos Lopez

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Domino will push her luck to the limit when the team travels to Mojoverse to find a cure for Longshot.


Neena Thurman knows what it’s like to feel lost and she can see that Longshot isn’t evil, he’s sick and in pain. She wants to help him, but first she needs to stop Atlas Bear from killing the man she sees as causing the apocalypse. Any other team would try to convince the Wakandan warrior to help and they will, but Outlaw’s going to knock her out first.

Once they come up with a plan to save the sick X-Man, the trip to Mojoverse shows the mercenaries the horrors of the world and how it is affecting the people at the lowest end of the totem pole. A trip to the only hospital available is going to lead to a revolution only Domino and company could create.

Domino is one of the best books around because it combines great action, art and story while mixing in humor and an affirming message about overcoming the trauma of ones past in order to forge your own future. Gail Simone has layered the character and her team with traits that make them engaging, familiar and relatable. Not only is this issue a fun read, but it has a great message about what it means to be a hero. The “Lost in Translation” moment between Longshot and Domino was really sweet and helped to remind the reader why this team works so well together. Simone also infuses the characters with enough humor and self-awareness to make them endearing to the reader.

The art in this issue shifts in style at certain points, but it’s not distracting. If anything, the different art styles blend together seamlessly to complement the tone of the story. There are multiple panels in those varying styles that standout as amazing in both composition and beauty.

Domino #10




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