Clear #1

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Francis Manapul

Colors by Francis Manapul

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: A death close to him will drag a detective into the heart of a world that doesn’t want to see the truth.

On a rainy night in the city, a young woman walks alone. Without warning, she climbs to the top of a bridge and throws herself off. As she does, visions of different world fly past her head before she finally hits the ground. Across town Detective Sam Dunes is on a case. Sam and everyone else live in a world of “veils”. Veils allow anyone to see the world the want to and everyone’s vision is different depending on their personality. Sam is part of the minority who chooses to see things as they are and that puts him on the trail of a husband who’s wife wants to know if he’s choosing to veil her.

After running afoul of some back alley dealers, Sam finds himself in the middle of a chase. After being drugged, Sam’s visions of every moment bend and twist, but he is able to stop the man he’s looking for just long enough for Detective Collins to tell him the bad news about someone he was close with. After identifying the body and returning home, Sam discovers a box in his office with a message from a potential murder victim.

The Story: Snyder crafts a story that is a definite love letter to the gritty, noir detective stories from the past along with the grizzled detective and the femme fatale. The futuristic twist and the world being created make for some really engaging and challenging drama as the story has a great slow burn feel in its description of the world and its inhabitants. The mystery is definitely solid and I’m already hooked given the setting and circumstances.

The Art: Manapul delivers some breathtaking visuals throughout the issue. The contrasting styles and images created with the veils is stunning and unique.

Clear #1



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