Compass #5

Image Comics

Written by Robert MacKenzie and David Walker

Art by Justin Greenwood

Colors by Daniela Miwa

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Shahidah El-Amin and Ling Hua battle the forces of Marghul Khan.

Marghul Khan emerges from the Cauldron of Life and a celebration begins. Later, Shahidah and Ling plan an escape, but are interrupted by the Khan. He then reveals his future plans for the Compasses and offers them a choice. When the Khan is challenged by the English a violent battle occurs. Shahidah and Ling then engage in a plan to stop the Khan involving the Cauldron. Afterwards, the Compasses speak with the English and determine their final course of action.

The Story: The final chapter of this series was neatly wrapped up in a manner that suggests the possibility of future adventures. There were some interesting themes explored regarding eternal life. The first of which was the symbolism of Baptism as Marghul Khan gained power from the Cauldron. The second surrounded the idea that knowledge is everlasting. Although I appreciated the simplicity of the finale, I was a bit disappointed by its lack of flare. I wanted more content involving mysticism. Overall I really liked this story, and I hope to see these characters again some day.

The Art: In this issue, traditional artwork is enhanced by muted colors in a style reminiscent of newspaper print. Although the drawing style is detailed, the action itself is minimalist. However, this concept works well within the world of the story. I found the tone perfectly suited to the story telling and the panels filled with with interesting and engaging artwork.

Compass #5



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